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14.1.2018, 9:36 in Chapter 1
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BeeMKay 14.1.2018, 9:36 edit delete
A note from the Team:

We've split up the story of what happened in Hades and what happens at the Division, as we (too late) realized that the previous format didn't help the story telling. This is our team's first comic, and we are still learning the rules.

Division now has its own comic: http://demondivision.thecomicseries.com/

Thank you for understanding,

Your DD-Team!


DizzasterJuice 14.1.2018, 10:07 edit delete reply
Nice to see someone using proper lighting and shadows, ambient lighting, and sub surface scattering. It takes more time but makes a huge difference in the end result. Nice work!
BeeMKay 14.1.2018, 16:04 edit delete reply
Thank you!
Merman83 21.3.2018, 16:12 edit delete reply
Amazing realism!