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21.2.2018, 0:56 in Chapter 1
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Merman83 4.4.2018, 4:15 edit delete reply
So many cool effects here. The focus and the transparency, all rendered amazingly!
BeeMKay 4.4.2018, 7:11 edit delete reply
Thank you!
The transparency in itself can be achieved through manipulation of the surface materials. The huge difficulty is to actually give the wings color. As the render engine works mimicking real light, the image had to be broken up into several layers. The colours you see on the wings are actual light reflections.
The background is mother nature - a 360 degree image (not done by me). The technique is called HDRI and works as a light source imitating nature outdoor light. (I hope I did not bore you with all that technical explanation stuff, but I thought it might interest you. :-))